• August Förster
  • Bechstein
  • Casio


    New and used digital pianos Casio

    Often known for his calculators, watches and cameras, Casio has also created his place in the field of music. Especially with its digital pianos, electric pianos and keyboards appreciated all over the world.

    Today Casio offers a wide range of digital instruments suitable for all musicians. New or used, the instruments Casio testify to all the know-how of the Japanese firm.



    A sub-brand of STEINWAY & SONS, the ESSEX brand is the Asian range of the world's largest piano manufacturer.



    Founded by engineer and pianist Paolo FAZIOLI in 1981, the prestigious Italian brand only manufactures grand pianos, with the aim of infusing them with all the love that music inspires in its founder.

  • Feurich
  • Grotrian Steinweg

    Grotrian Steinweg

    New and used pianos Grotrian-Steinweg

    Originally a family business, whose founders' names have been reused for variations of pianos: Friedrich Grotrian and Wilhelm Grotrian.

    The German Grotrian and Steinweg families joined forces in a joint factory until 1865, when the Steinweg family moved to the United States under the name Steinway. More information on the official website of the Grotrian-Steinweg brand (in English).

  • Kawai


    New and used pianos Kawai

    Founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, the Japanese piano firm is now exported all over the world. Always in search of excellence, Kawai offers a wide range of pianos for all budgets. Upright pianos, grand pianos, digital pianos... All Kawai instruments are the result of a unique know-how perpetuated for generations.

  • Petrof


    New and used pianos Petrof

    A major manufacturer of European pianos, Petrof is one of the favorite piano brands of Conservatories and Music Schools.

    The manufacture of acoustic pianos (upright pianos and grand pianos) PETROF is currently the largest European manufacturer (volume of 100% European pianos).

    Founded in 1864, the Petrof company has been able to evolve its manufacturing while maintaining the DNA of its brand: traditional production. More than 80% of the work remains manual, which gives each instrument a unique musical soul.

  • Pleyel


    New and used pianos Pleyel

    PLEYEL was certainly the biggest brand of French pianos.

    Now, the trade name has been bought and produces Indonesian pianos (in project, a Signature range that will be manufactured in France with components of various origins ...).

  • Rameau
  • Roland


    New and used digital pianos Roland

    A Japanese firm founded in 1972, Roland has mainly focused on the electronic musical instrument market: digital stage pianos, synthesizers, electronic drums, etc.

    These products are highly appreciated and considered reliable by many musicians around the world, from beginners to professionals.

  • Samick


    New and used pianos Samick

    South Korean company Samick was established in 1958 in the spirit of innovation and development of the musical instrument industry.

    Over the past half-century, Samick has grown into a truly global company, working with 200 partners in 80 countries around the world.

    The pianos Samick are renowned for their robustness, aesthetics, and brilliant typically Asian sound.

    Samick, they are also digital pianos, children's pianos, and even guitars!

  • Sauter


    New and used pianos Sauter

    A renowned German manufacturer of pianos, the Sauter manufacturer is recognized worldwide for its prestigious instruments.

    The upright and acoustic grand pianos Sauter are entirely handmade in the heart of the workshops in Germany. They thus have unique characteristics, always neat, appreciated by pianists around the world.

  • Schaeffer
  • Schimmel


    New and used pianos Schimmel

    A well-known piano manufacturer, Schimmel is one of the most popular European piano brands in the world.

    Schimmel is currently the leading German manufacturer of acoustic pianos (upright pianos and grand pianos).

    It was in the years 1885 that the adventure began Schimmel, with the very first piano built by Wilhelm Schimmel in a small workshop in Leipzig, Germany.

  • Seiler


    PIANOS SCHAEFFER, Dealer pianos STEINWAY & SONS new and used.

    The best grand piano manufacturer in the world, with its models: Steinway B, Steinway D, Steinway C, Steinway A, Steinway O, Steinway V.

    Steinway and Sons showroom: in Nancy, Metz, Thionville and Reims.

  • W.Hoffmann


    Piano brand of Czech origin, now a sub-brand of Petrof



    German piano manufacturer, the Wilh STEINBERG piano brand

  • Wilhelm Grotrian

    Wilhelm Grotrian

    Very nice prestigious brand, for quality pianos

  • Yamaha