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PLEYEL was certainly the biggest brand of French pianos.

Now, the trade name has been bought and produces Indonesian pianos (in project, a Signature range that will be manufactured in France with components of various origins ...).

History of the piano brand PLEYEL

Created in 1807 in Paris, France, Pleyel pianos have been manufactured and improved over the years thanks to the contributions of lovers of the brand: Claude Debussy, Frédéric Chopin, Charles Gounod and many others.

In 1961, Gaveau and Erard were absorbed by Pleyel.

From 1971 to 1994, Pleyel pianos were manufactured in Germany, by Schimmel based on French plans. The level of quality is therefore maintained, as France and Germany together represent the quintessence of the world's acoustic piano production. During this period, the success of piano sales under the Pleyel brand was to the detriment of the Schimmel brand, which naturally stopped its partnership.

After 1994, production became 100% French again.

In 2014, the company Pleyel closed its historic French workshops in Saint-Denis.

In recent years, the manufacture of a Pleyel piano had reached a pinnacle of quality: 9 months for the manufacture of each piano, or nearly 2,000 hours of work and love dedicated, for an annual production of 25 pianos.

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Buy a used French Pleyel piano

The purchase of a second-hand Pleyel piano must be meticulously careful, because it is both a rare and sometimes (too) old instrument.

A rare instrument

Modern Pleyel pianos, 100% French-made, are currently being sought after for:

  • The "French" sound of these pianos
  • high quality manufacturing (choice of materials, skilled craftsmen and place of manufacture)
  • a musical performance, the culmination of more than 2 centuries of innovation and Research & Development
  • Reliability over time: from acoustic elements (soundboard, bridge, strings) to mechanics

Pianos Pleyel (too) old

As qualitative as the manufacture of an acoustic piano is, it has a lifespan of about 100 years. This is also true for a Pleyel piano (upright piano or grand piano). Thus, it will be necessary at all costs to avoid:

  1. A piano Pleyel from 80 to 120 years old : it is an instrument that has reached the end of its musical life. Only a complete restoration (soundboard, mechanics, strings, etc.) worth €20,000 to €100,000 can extend this life.
  2. A piano Pleyel from 60 to 80 years old: it is an instrument that will show these first signs of inevitable weakness.
  3. A piano of old technology : equipped with a bayonet mechanism, a wooden or semi-cast iron frame. Only a so-called "modern" manufacture will bring you musical pleasure and comfort of play.

Models and choices of Pleyel pianos for sale 

We appraise and consult the maintenance follow-up of Pleyel pianos that join our workshops. We exclusively select "modern" models from the French piano manufacturer, in order to avoid future buyers discomfort in the short or long term. Total warranty of 5 years on all our pianos Pleyel used. Find instruments at different prices depending on the model. We also offer you a description as well as our opinion on each product sheet.

Upright pianos Pleyel

  • PLEYEL P131 (1m31): the big brother of the range, for an enveloping sound volume!
  • PLEYEL P124 (1m24): the balanced model par excellence, powerful piano of expression without excess
  • PLEYEL P113 (1m13) called "Marigny": the little brother, all in finesse and elegance, both in terms of sound and aesthetics
  • PLEYEL P112 (1m12) called "Chenonceau": the first piano of the scale, the study piano by Pleyel

Grand pianos Pleyel

  • PLEYEL P170 (1m70) called "Vendôme": unanimously a great success of the brand, thanks to the magical dimensions of its harmonic structure.
  • PLEYEL P190: the voluptuous grand piano with enveloping bass
  • PLEYEL P280: the concert grand piano

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