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Often known for his calculators, watches and cameras, Casio has also created his place in the field of music. Especially with its digital pianos, electric pianos and keyboards appreciated all over the world.

Today Casio offers a wide range of digital instruments suitable for all musicians. New or used, the instruments Casio testify to all the know-how of the Japanese firm.

History of the brand Casio

Casio is a Japanese firm founded in Japan in 1957 by the Kashio brothers. First named "Casio Computer", the brand specializes in the manufacture of relay calculating machines for companies and research centers.

The company then diversified and established itself in the international desktop markets.

In 1970, to cope with the crisis, Casio also positioned itself on the markets for pocket calculators and digital watches.

It was only in 1980 that the firm began manufacturing musical instruments, with its Casiotone 201, an innovative electronic keyboard reproducing the sounds of many instruments.

Since then, Casio has produced many instruments: digital and electric pianos, keyboards... in many ranges suitable for beginners as well as experienced musicians, as well as professionals.

The instruments Casio

Hybrid, digital, compact or not, for beginners, advanced, small or large budget... Whatever the request, Casio offers a suitable product!

Hybrid pianos "Celviano"

The Celviano line was created to offer the authentic grand piano experience. This is the top of the range Casio with the GP-510 and 310 hybrid models.

Stage pianos

Casio's stage pianos offer incredibly authentic piano sound and feel, as well as a wide variety of essential features for every type of player.

The Privia range redefines the category with many high-end features installed in its PX-S3100, S3000, S1100, S1000 models...

Ultra-portable CDPs deliver a realistic sound and touch that will appeal to pianists of all skill levels. Models CDP-S360, S350,S160, S150.

Console pianos

The "Celviano" and "Privia" ranges combine all the qualities of Casio instruments with a slim and elegant console design. Models GP-510, 310, 710, 470, Privia PX-870, 780, 770...

Portable keyboards

Portable keyboards from Casio will amaze you with their sound and expressiveness, while offering improved portability thanks to lightweight designs. WK, SA, Casiotone, LK and CT X ranges.

Casio : instruments for all applications

Thanks to its many ranges developed over the years, Casio is now able to offer one or more instruments totally adapted to your requests. Budget, gameplay, sound, size, aesthetics... There is bound to be a Casio model that will meet your needs.

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Digital piano Casio LK S450 Designed by the Japanese multinational, the Casio instruments benefit from all the know-how of the company, which has been active since 1946 in terms of digital products. Casio in 1980 that Casio embarked on the world...

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