The fact of ordering implies the acceptance without reserve of the present General Conditions of Sale of PIANOS SCHAEFFER SARL.

All the indicated prices are in euros all inclusive of tax. Any estimate, order or pro-forma invoice is valid for 15 days. Special orders and custom-made products cannot be cancelled. Technical information, visual aids and other documents such as digital brochures are presented for information only by PIANOS SCHAEFFER SARL and are those of the suppliers and manufacturers; the characteristics of these aids may vary without notice, in particular due to our suppliers, and are non-contractual. On the website, all the buttons "order" are understood as an action of type "order with obligation of payment", as specified in the Hamon Law.

The materials we deliver are to French standards, the instructions are provided in French or available in free access in French on the Internet.

In any case, PIANOS SCHAEFFER undertakes to guarantee the buyer against all defects or manufacturing faults of the thing sold, in accordance with the law (art. 1642 of the Civil Code). If necessary, the customer commits himself to inform us as soon as possible. In Luxembourg, we operate under the following government authorizations: Commercial Services (n°10048919/0), Manufacturer-Repairer (10048919/1), Piano Tuner (n°10048919/2). You are trusting a qualified professional!

Our goal is to bring satisfaction to 100% of our customers. That's why we are at your disposal to exchange by email, by mail, by phone and in stores (see our coordinates in the pages 'contact'), in order to advise you and specify your needs. In any case, we will do our best to deliver our products and services beyond your expectations and give priority to direct contact in order to find a solution in case of any difficulty encountered.


PIANOS SCHAEFFER SARL expressly reserves the property of the delivered goods until the complete payment of their price in principal and interests. The mere handing over of a payment voucher does not constitute a payment. In the absence of the integral payment, PIANOS SCHAEFFER SARL will be entitled to require the immediate restitution of the delivered material. The expenses which could be engaged for this restitution will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

We accept payments by credit card (and debit card), check, money order and bank transfer. We do not accept cheques issued by a bank domiciled outside of France, nor cheques denominated "Eurocheque". We accept administrative purchase orders and payments by money order. Orders are validated upon receipt of the stamped original order form. Outside of Metropolitan France, payment for materials ordered is made exclusively in advance. Any payment may be subject to a request for proof of payment or guarantee.

PIANOS SCHAEFFER SARL is registered with the ORIAS at the Unique Register of Insurance, Banking and Finance Intermediaries under the registration number 13007615 as a Non-Exclusive Agent in Banking and Payment Services (MOBSP), Level of professional capacity III - IOB allowing us to offer you credit and financing solutions for your purchase.


Commercial guarantee Pianos Schaeffer

Unless otherwise indicated, the total duration of the warranty (including all legal warranties, for the periods provided by the legislator) is :

  • 10 years for new acoustic pianos: 5 years manufacturer's warranty + 5 years offered by PIANOS SCHAEFFER SARL on the keyboard-mechanical block,

  • 5 years for used acoustic pianos (unless otherwise stipulated) on the keyboard-mechanical block

  • 2 years for the electronics integrated in a new acoustic piano (silent system) and for new electronic equipment (digital pianos, keyboards and other). An extension of guarantee can be applied by the manufacturer: to know it, thank you to inform you in store or directly on the Internet site of the manufacturer (heading "registration guarantee").

  • 1 year for accessories

  • 1 year for used electronic equipment

  • Speakers are in all cases guaranteed for 3 months.

General conditions of warranty

To assert your rights or simply ask us about your warranty, you can contact us directly:

By mail : PIANOS SCHAEFFER, M Nicolas SCHAEFFER, rue des Benelles 57685 AUGNY

By email : M Nicolas SCHAEFFER,

By phone : M Nicolas SCHAEFFER, 03 87 38 35 36

Your purchase is guaranteed from the date of taking possession and subject to its full payment.

During the entire warranty period, we will take full responsibility for

  • The free replacement of parts found to be defective.

  • The cost of labour.

The contractual guarantee does not cover

  • the elements undergoing normal wear and tear will not be replaced within the framework of the guarantee (examples: the felts of the heads of hammers and the strings of pianos).

  • The costs of adjusting and tuning the instrument, such as piano tuning, which are part of the maintenance and are therefore the responsibility of the Customer.

  • The cost of shipping defective equipment to and from the factory,

  • The travel of the technical team to the customer's home,

  • Cases covered by your insurance,

  • Cases involving faulty use or maintenance,

  • Cases of normal wear and tear or external material incidents,

  • Cases of commercial, professional or intensive use (equipment used in public places is not covered).

  • Damage and maladjustments, noises, cracks, and all anomalies caused by climate variations.

The following are excluded from the guarantee: damage caused to the furniture by knocks, handling, deterioration, discoloration, blows, rubbing, damage caused by animals, failure to follow the instructions for use, improper electrical use, modification or transformation without the manufacturer's agreement and all breakdowns caused by fuses, power supplies or peripherals that do not comply with the standards imposed by the manufacturer. Moreover, for musical instruments, the warranty is subject to the following precautions: the instruments must be placed in a place where the relative humidity of the air must vary between 45% and 70% at the most, will not be subjected to excessive heating (above 22°), nor to draughts or characterized humidity, nor will they be placed against a heating wall, a chimney, a heat outlet, a bay window or exposed to the sun. Underfloor heating, heat registers, forced air, chimneys or any other method of heating known to be drying must be corrected by normal humidification. Musical instruments should not be exposed to sudden temperature changes. If you cannot guarantee optimal storage conditions, a humidity control and regulation system must be installed on your instrument.

Acoustic pianos should be tuned to the normal pitch and should be adjusted at least once a year by an authorized PIANOS SCHAEFFER technician in order to guarantee quality work. Tuning, adjustments, verifications, harmonization, customization and any optimization are not included in the warranty. The repair time is the same as for our repairs without us having to provide compensation for deprivation or being obliged to lend or replace another instrument. Repairs do not extend the warranty period.

The warranty contract is linked to an invoice. In case of transfer of the instrument, the new purchaser will not be able to take advantage of the terms of this contract. The warranty is void if the instrument is resold or if the serial number has been changed or lost. Used or sold out musical instruments are purchased on sight. No claim will be accepted on the condition of the instrument. Intervention by unauthorized persons voids the warranty. In case of return of goods under warranty and if it turns out that the devices are working normally, all shipping and intervention costs will be charged to the customer.

PIANOS SCHAEFFER shall in no case be held liable to the purchasers of the instrument, to users or to third parties for accidents or damage of any kind, whether indirect, bodily or immaterial, or for damage resulting from faulty use of the equipment sold, or from the non-conformity of the equipment sold to the customer's needs, or from any cause independent of PIANOS SCHAEFFER.


Unavailability of material: in case of stock shortage exceeding 1 month or end of distribution / manufacturing, the buyer is informed of the situation and has the right to either change his order or to be reimbursed in case of payment already made.

The paid deliveries or carriage free always mean delivery on the first floor without step or difficulty in front of the home. Deliveries with difficulties or on the first floor are subject to additional invoicing. The specificity of our products implies an adequate preparation, a conditioning and a transport. The delivery is considered to have been made on the date of the first presentation at the home of the buyer or another person designated by him. The customer is invited to check the conformity of the delivered goods at the time of delivery, before signing the delivery note. It is up to the customer to make the usual reservations with the carrier. All disorders or anomalies concerning the delivery (damage, missing compared to the delivery order, broken or damaged materials ....) must be described on the delivery order next to the signature, then confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the carrier and this, within 48 hours in the best case.

When the consumer personally takes delivery of the transported objects and when the carrier does not justify to him to have left the possibility of effectively checking their good state, the time mentioned in the article L. 133-3 of the code of trade is increased to ten days.

Recommendations at the time of the delivery: Take time to control the good state of the parcel. If there is anything missing, write it down on the delivery document. If you have any doubt about the condition of the package you receive, always write on the delivery receipt "carton received damaged" (with the description of what you notice: damaged carton, packaging with holes, crushed, deformed ....). Then open the package and describe the damage you see. It is better to write more details than not enough. The mention "subject to unpacking" has no legal value. Confirm your report to the carrier by registered letter within 48 hours, keep a copy of all these documents and contact us.

If you have any problem or doubt during the delivery, or if you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us at 03 87 38 35 36 or

Delivery times

  • Delivery Acoustic Pianos in LORRAINE LUXEMBOURG BELGIUM => between 1 and 3 weeks

  • Acoustic Pianos delivery in METROPOLITAN FRANCE & EUROPE => between 2 and 6 weeks

  • Delivery of Digital Pianos and Accessories => 72H (from Tuesday to Saturday included)

Retraction & Return periods

In accordance with the article L 121-16 of the Code of Consumption, you have a cooling-off period of 14 days, after receipt of your purchase, to return the ordered equipment at your expense (return shipping costs only). The eventual delivery costs will then be fully refunded. You don't need to give reasons for your change of mind: everyone has the right to make a mistake! You will have the choice to either receive a credit note to order another material, or to be refunded within 15 days. You will be fully refunded for any outbound and return shipping costs, if the return is due to an error on our part. Attention, so that your request for return can be validated and treated, do not forget: - to warn us by all means so that we can record your request. - to send back to our address: PIANOS SCHAEFFER, ZAC d'Augny 57685 AUGNY the product intact, unused, unassembled, and in its original packaging correctly closed with postage paid. In accordance with the last paragraph of Article L. 221-23 of the Consumer Code, the responsibility of the consumer may be engaged in case of depreciation of the product. Any return with postage due will be refused.







REFUND CHOICE (choose): Either a credit note or a cash refund (via check to be received)


Appointment Accords & All services ordered outside the store (phone, email or via our website You can contact us to modify your appointment by return email / by phone. You have a withdrawal period of fourteen days, from this email, that you can exercise by return email / by phone at the numbers below. This withdrawal period is not valid for an immediate service, that is to say within seventy-two hours after the appointment is made. If you do not request the exercise of your right of withdrawal, during the appointment at home, travel expenses of seventy-five euros are due (already included without extra charge in all our packages of services charged), except for sub-guaranteed intervention without any charge.

In the case of a home service, in order to allow our technician to carry out his intervention (possible dismantling of parts of the instrument), we ask you to free a perimeter of one meter around the piano, whether on the floor, on the instrument itself or on the wall

Return shipping costs (shipping rates)

In case of parcel (numeric keyboard less than 100 kg or accessories) and letter (keyboard track, scores, etc.), we invite you to reuse the original packaging and to know the transport costs, you can refer to the postal rates in force available on or you can go through our services (deposit in post office or carrier near your initial delivery place) for a fixed cost of 150 eur TTC (France) or 1600 eur TTC (Europe and other parts of the world).

In case of acoustic pianos or objects weighing 100 kg or more (upright piano, grand piano, hybrid piano, digital piano furniture), you can freely use a service provider specialized in piano transport and insured for the value of the objects transported or ask us at the following rates: Upright piano DRC Delivery area Lorraine Luxembourg 200 eur TTC, possible supplement by normal floor (stairs less than 10 steps, allowing the passage of the volume and weight of the object) 50 eur TTC. Upright piano DRC Delivery zone Metropolitan France 600 eur TTC, possible supplement by normal floor (staircase less than 10 steps, allowing the passage of the volume and the weight of the object) 120 eur TTC. Grand piano DRC Delivery zone Lorraine Luxembourg 250 eur TTC, possible supplement per normal floor (staircase less than 10 steps, allowing the passage of the volume and weight of the object) 70 eur TTC. Grand piano RDC Delivery zone Metropolitan France 900 eur TTC, possible supplement per normal floor (staircase less than 10 steps, allowing the passage of the volume and weight of the object) 120 eur TTC. For any other case of transport (Europe, Overseas, etc.) and transport with specific difficulty (crane, boat, freight elevator, etc.) a single package Upright piano / Grand piano all floors is 1600 eur TTC. If necessary and at your request, we will look for the least expensive solution possible according to the tours planned and the service providers available. The above amounts are the maximum lump sums in case of wish to return the instrument (within the framework of the exercise of a withdrawal period for example).

The general conditions of sale above are governed by French law. The consumer can seize in the event of litigation, either one of the jurisdictions territorially qualified under the code of civil procedure, or the jurisdiction of the place where he lived at the time of the conclusion of the contract or of the occurrence of the harmful fact. The consumer is informed of the possibility of having recourse to a mediator of consumption under the conditions envisaged in title I of book VI, by calling upon the Mediation of the European Commission: Platform of Mediation RLL, online form or to the Mediation and Amicable Settlement Center of which we are a member: MEDICYS - 73 Boulevard de Clichy - 75009 PARIS Tel: E-mail:, SIRET : 811 593 565 00013 - VAT number : FR 03 811593565.

The processing of personal data is strictly anonymous. In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, we do not store any data other than those necessary for the proper processing of your order. You have the right to access and rectify your personal data by contacting our head office: PIANOS SCHAEFFER, rue des Benelles, ZAC d'Augny 57685 AUGNY.

General conditions of sale via ALMA payment method in maximum 4X

If your website is used for online sales, other mandatory information must be added to your site. As acompany with a professional website, you are subject to the same regulations as those for distance or mail order sales (more information) hereit is therefore important that you include the following information:
  • General conditions of sale, including your refund policy. As a reminder, in the European Union, a 14-day withdrawal period must be offered to consumers in the case of distance selling
  • Delivery times (if applicable)
  • A complaint page on your website
  • A reference to the services of theAFEPAMEalma's mediator ("In case of a dispute with Alma, you have the possibility to call upon the aFEPAME's consumer mediator")
The activation time of your Alma account could be slightly extended if the information provided is incomplete.For any question related to the creation of your Alma account, do not hesitate to contact us at