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Punctual rental grand piano

Concert grand piano, piano type 1/4 tail, 1/2 grand or 3/4 tail, for occasional rental, Lorraine, LuxembourgTo make your event great, enjoy a quality grand piano from 1m40 to 2m75 among our choice of instruments available on...

€990.00 Tax included

One-time rental digital piano

Digital piano furniture with its bench for occasional rental, Lorraine, Luxembourg For a one-off event (an evening, a weekend, a week of vacation ...), you can rent a quality digital piano (88 keys & heavy touch) among our choice in store. At your...

€350.00 Tax included

Grand piano rental

ACOUSTIC GRAND PIANO RENTALTo test a grand piano over several months and evaluate the motivation of the pianist, benefit from a real grand piano (quarter tail, half-tail or concert), with complete keyboard of 88 keys, strings, mechanics...

€300.00 Tax included