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New and used digital pianos Roland

A Japanese firm founded in 1972, Roland has mainly focused on the electronic musical instrument market: digital stage pianos, synthesizers, electronic drums, etc.

These products are highly appreciated and considered reliable by many musicians around the world, from beginners to professionals.

History of the brand Roland

The Roland Corporation was founded on April 18, 1972 by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka. Roland was destined for export; Ikutaro Kakehashi was looking for a trade name that was easily pronounceable in the various export countries. Roland was retained by flipping through a directory.

Since the day of its creation, the firm has focused on the audio market, and more particularly electronic instruments. Digital pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, but also guitar effects pedals (under the name Boss), audio and video equipment, organs and even some printers.

The range of digital pianos Roland

Roland produces some of the finest and most elaborate digital pianos on the market today. Buying a Roland piano means buying a product with many qualities: realistic sounds, robustness, innovative features...

Digital grand pianos Roland :

The art of the digital piano available in grand format by Roland, with 3 distinct models: the GP607 and GP609, as well as the V-Piano Grand. Real amplified grand pianos, these instruments offer the pianist all the qualities of an acoustic instrument, with many additional digital features.

Digital upright pianos Roland :

Fine, elegant, and exceptionally sounding digital pianos to explore a whole new musical world. 100% digital pianos or acoustic upright pianos embellished with a digital system, the choice is your:

- Digital upright pianos: HP700 series, and HP, DP and RP models
- Hybrid upright pianos: LX series with the LX705, 706 and 708

Portable digital pianos Roland :

For musicians looking for an ultra-portable digital piano, without neglecting all the qualities that make a good instrument. Models FP-90X, FP-60X, FP-30X, FP-10...

Digital stage pianos Roland :

Very high-end digital pianos, with many features for professionals. Modèles V-Piano, RD-2000, RD-800, RD-88...

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A high-quality helmet The Roland RHA 7 headphones are high quality headphones, the earphones are covered in suede and are very comfortable. It is an ideal headset to accompany silent systems or digital pianos.

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