Since 1984, we have been distributing our pianos and technical services in Lorraine, Luxembourg and beyond.

This represents more than 8,000 customers, with whom we are committed !

In order to validate compliance with our quality commitments (relationship, products and services), we regularly carry out satisfaction surveys and solicit customer opinions via the various internet tools.

Online Reviews (verified reviews and Google reviews site) are the remarks that reward the investment of our employees in your satisfaction.

So that emotion is within everyone's reach!

Nicolas Schaeffer, Manager


Our Professional References

      • Conservatory of Music of the City of Luxembourg

      • Conservatory of Music of Metz

      • Conservatory of Music of Nancy

      • Conservatory of Music of Thionville

      • Reims Conservatory of Music

      • Conservatory of Music of Epinal

      • Philharmonie Luxembourg

      • Opera theatre of Metz Métropole

      • Opéra National de Lorraine

      • National Orchestra of Lorraine

      • Arsenal de Metz - Cité Musicale Metz

      • International Piano Competition of Epinal

      • Centre Dramatique National de Thionville-Lorraine NEST

      • Theatre of Thionville

      • Amneville Galaxy

      • Hesperange Music School

      • Music School of Illange

      • Bousse Music School 

      • Corny Music School  

      • Association pour la Promotion et L'Enseignement de la Musique Nancy Banlieue Nord-Est APEM 54

      • Association OPUS 88

Artists & Festivals who have placed their trust in us (Concert rentals and piano tuning performances)

      • Laurent Gerra's orchestra, show at the Arènes de Metz (Steinway B)

      • Festival Nancy Jazz Pulsations, concerts at l'Autre Canal, la Manufacture, la Fabrique, l'Opéra and at the Pépinière de Nancy (Yamaha C5 x2, Yamaha C7 and Steinway D)

      • Concert 2000 Choristers by Jacky LocksChristophe Willem & William Sheller at the Galaxie d'Amnéville (Steinway C)

      • Concert of Didier & Françis LOCKWOOD "BROTHERS" at the Trinitaires Concert Hall in Metz (Yamaha S6)

      • Château de Luneville, Fête de la Musique (Yamaha CFIII S)

      • Lulu Gainsbourg on Yamaha C3

      • Concert of J.DEMIERRE / O.LEE + H.BOUBAKER / G.FOCCROULLE / S.LEBRAT at the Trinitaire de Metz (Yamaha C3)

      • Concert of Damien Prud'homme Quartet at the Jardins Fruiters de Laquenexy (Feurich 161)

      • Birdy, concert at the Zenith in Nancy (on Yamaha G2 Silence)

      • Alain Souchon and his musicians, concert at the Municipal Theater of Thionville (Yamaha U3)

      • Festival METIZ'ART, rental for concert on stage (Yamaha U1)

Results of the last satisfaction questionnaire

This satisfaction questionnaire focuses on the quality of the various contacts and the quality of our services.  


1.1 Telephone reception

29% of the customers surveyed used a telephone approach before visiting us: 100% are satisfied with the listening and information we took care to provide them.

1.2 In-store reception

Our company policy is to help you find the piano that best suits your particular situation and best meets your expectations. 100% of our customers are quite satisfied. 

As part of a personalized sale, we implement a personalized welcome and follow-up. 80% of our customers consider the reception in our stores satisfactory. 

More information on our points of sale (addresses, opening hours, etc.) ...

1.3 Reception on the internet

51% of our customers have visited our website. This allowed them to get acquainted with all the products available in the 3 stores of the brand. Information and advice are considered to be numerous and accessible. 


2.1 Funding offers

If the client wishes, we have the possibility to provide financing facilities (up to 180 months), these are adapted to the needs of each: 100% consider the proposed offer sufficient.

2.2 Delivery

Our deliverers are specialized in the transport of pianos, which allows a quality care of your instrument, until its delivery to your home (ground floor or floors). Our clients are satisfied with their work, it is for these reasons that 97% would recommend them to their entourage.

2.3 Piano chords

About our Tuners. Their intervention lasts on average 1h15. The quality of their work encourages 98% of our clients to recommend them to the pianists around them. Are you satisfied with the intervention of our tuner? Yes 99% No 1%

Testimonials and Customer Reviews Pianos Schaeffer, posted on independent sites

"I am very happy with the Pianos Schaeffer service and especially with the advice of Mrs. Heinrich, who has proven to be an excellent professional, always listening to my needs and ready to give the most appropriate advice. The delivery was also very correct and efficient. Congratulations! I highly recommend!"

Pianos Schaeffer, Luxembourg Hesperange L-5885 (Sale in store, review posted on Google Maps Pianos Luxembourg review

"I RECOMMEND! A service as we hope, with a real listening. At no time was it tempted to make us exceed our budget but great care was taken to identify our exact need. The passion that Mr. SCHAEFFER gladly shares, the seriousness with which promises are kept: we do not have time to get back in touch, we are contacted very quickly and everything is planned."

Pianos Schaeffer Metz - Augny 57685 (Sale in store, review posted on

"Great: Perfect communication, fast and neat sending. I recommend 100%" Aldo

Pianos Schaeffer, Thionville 57100 (Online sales, reviews posted on Google Maps)

 "This company prepares and tuned our grand pianos and upright pianos for us. These agreements are all carried out by one of the specialized employees of the company and give us complete satisfaction, by the quality of the adjustment and the speed of intervention" Mr. Denis FRANCOIS, Director of APEM Nancy

Pianos Schaeffer, Nancy 54000 (Technical services at home, letter of recommendation)

"Sound advice that takes into account everyone's desires, level and ambitions. Superb shop easy to access, attentive and friendly welcome." (Google review)

Press review Pianos Schaeffer

Guide Le Petit Futé Nancy

"Large space of nearly 300 square meters installed a few steps from the regional conservatory of music, this beautiful store permanently exhibits about fifty models. Yamaha, Euterpe, Steinberg, Steinway obviously. New or used, they are all majestic. There is something for every price, from €700 for a digital piano to €70,000 for a grand piano. But the house has planned everything so as not to burden budgets. Payment facilities and even a rental service. From 25 € per month. And the twelve rents are reimbursed if you want to acquire the instrument after one year. There is even a new piano Schaeffer, guaranteed for ten years, delivered and tuned, which barely exceeds € 2,000. At these rates, we are ready to write all the sonatas in the world."

(see article online)

Pianos Schaeffer, Nancy 54000

Marie-Claire Review


(see the article Marie Claire online (free access))