Holder of the Eco-Challenges Label, we have undertaken several actions in the following areas:

  1. Waste management
  2. Water saving
  3. Energy Economics
  4. Use of Eco-products
  5. Sustainable mobility
  6. Indoor air quality
  7. Sensitization
  8. Accessibility

We are aware of our ecological impact and want to reduce it. Here are some pragmatic examples that we apply:


  • As soon as possible, we offer the repair of digital or acoustic pianos (restoration of old pianos in particular). Invoiced and refundable quote.
  • The principle of monthly rental allows our customers to benefit from the use of a quality piano and to return it to us as soon as the need changes. Thus, an unsuitable piano does not sleep in a home.
  • We maintain all types of pianos at home, so the oldest are 120 years old (and doing well, thank you).
  • As long as a piano is tunable and does not have a major defect, we extend its life (replacement of wear parts,...) in order to offer it a future in our rental park, our showroom or with an association.


  • We offer in each of our stores used pianos: digital and acoustic, all revised and guaranteed for long-term use.
  • When a digital piano is downgraded (return of rental or redemption) because outdated but 100% functional (because we select quality models), we offer it to an association. For example, a dozen pianos were shipped to Africa for the creation of a music school.


  • We prioritize the purchase of environmentally friendly supplies (toxic-free or ecologically manufactured) for all our consumables and office purchases.
  • We do not use any toxic substances for the maintenance of our green spaces.


  • Organic and vegetable waste placed in individual composter
  • Scrap metal entrusted to a local scrap dealer
  • Waste from our workshops and stores: sorted and recycled, either in professional waste disposal (Haganis) or by collective collection.


  • All our company vehicles (including steering vehicles) are economical and have a size adapted to their use. We prefer the purchase of used vehicles and not leases renewed annually for example. We carefully maintain our fleet in qualified garages.
  • Our transport routes have geographical consistency in order to limit the impact of the truck that will deliver the instruments to our customers. In case of national or European delivery, we use companies specialized in the transport of long-distance pianos to use groupage.
  • As soon as 2 people travel to the same destination, carpooling is the rule in our company.
  • Our Technicians have work tours taking into account their respective homes in order to limit journeys.


  • Our stores are all equipped with energy-saving lamps and our outdoor lights are switched off from 8pm.
  • We have subscribed to a 100% green energy contract for our Luxembourg store.


  • Our computer (computers and printers) and telephone equipment consists exclusively of purchased devices (and not leased annually for example) in order to extend their lifespan to the maximum. When our equipment malfunctions, we repair them before thinking about replacing them.
  • Our coffee machines do not use a hard shell pod (plastic or aluminum) and we are replacing our fleet with grinder machines in order to tend towards an even more moderate impact.