Our Policy for the Purchase of Used Pianos

For each purchase, we need a technical diagnosis of your instrument: its state of health. How was it played, tuned and transported?

If you are a customer of our Home Agreement service, this diagnosis can be carried out free of charge at the next visit of our Tuner Technician.

If your instrument was purchased in one of our stores, we will have a history and its quality will have already been validated a first time, that's a good point!

A piano that has a major defect will not be the subject of any proposal on our part.

Each care given to your instrument guarantees a maintenance of value: respect for the furniture, regular agreement & transport by professionals.

We don't buy used digital pianos, the technology is evolving too fast for a resale value to exist.

The stages of resale or taking in consignment

  1. TECHNICAL DIAGNOSIS At home, control of the essential points that can make the piano out of condition, aesthetic control and verification of the tuning fork (tuning and tuning). Evaluation of the work necessary for a fitness.

  2. VETERINARY EVALUATION At the market price, depending on the technical diagnosis and the intrinsic qualities of your instrument

  3. PURCHASE OR DEPOSIT-SALE CONTRACT Depending on your emergency and the necessary work, we offer you the possible formula(s) to entrust us with your instrument and offer it a new life. In all cases, we sign together a clear contract detailing the conditions of redemption or deposit.

  4. TRANSPORT IN THE WORKSHOP By professionals of trades, accustomed to take care of your instrument.

  5. CONTROL AND TECHNICAL PREPARATION Control of essential and superfluous points, Replacement of wear parts (ganses, mortises...) when necessary, Resumption of all settings (keyboard, pedals and mechanics), Tone and Chord. As long as the condition allows, we favor the conservation of the original elements, especially when they are of quality (Kluge keyboard, Renner mechanics, etc.).

  6. ISSUE OF A FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY on your piano, so that the next pianist can enjoy the free spirit of his new instrument.

PIANOS customers SCHAEFFER or beneficiary of the PIANOS Take-Back Guarantee Contract SCHAEFFER

We keep our promises! On the basis of the written (and therefore promised) elements on your contract, we will buy back your piano without discussion, under the conditions provided.

If you want to: change your piano, exchange an acoustic piano for a digital piano or simply evolve, go to the store for a personalized and advantageous proposal.

More information

You can reach us at 03 87 38 35 36 or by form by clicking here.