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New and used pianos Grotrian-Steinweg

Originally a family business, whose founders' names have been reused for variations of pianos: Friedrich Grotrian and Wilhelm Grotrian.

The German Grotrian and Steinweg families joined forces in a joint factory until 1865, when the Steinweg family moved to the United States under the name Steinway. More information on the official website of the Grotrian-Steinweg brand (in English).

A German piano brand

Currently, 100% of Grotrian-Steinweg grand pianos and upright pianos are manufactured in Germany, in the Braunschweig factory (visit possible). The pianos therefore benefit from the BVK quality certificate "Made in Germany".

Authorized Reseller Grotrian Steinweg

The Pianos Schaeffer stores are the privileged partners for the distribution of the Grotrian Steinweg brand in Luxembourg and France (Grand Est, Lorraine: Nancy, Metz and Thionville).

Our tuners are authorized to technically prepare the brand's new pianos, to intervene in customers and to restore these prestigious used pianos.

We offer used Grotrian Steinweg pianos as well as new instruments at all prices. Find our opinion in each product sheet, as well as a detailed description of the piano model.

Models and types of pianos Grotrian Steinweg

Grand pianos (New pianos)

  • Grotrian-Steinweg G 165 quarter grand piano (dimensions 165 cm x 150 cm x 100 cm, 290kg)
  • Grotrian-Steinweg G 192 grand piano (dimensions 192 cm x 152 cm x 100 cm, 320kg)
  • Grand grand piano Grotrian-Steinweg G 208 (dimensions 208 cm x 153 cm x 100 cm, 350kg)
  • Piano three quarter grand Grotrian-Steinweg G 225 (dimensions 225 cm x 153 cm x 100 cm, 400kg)
  • Concert grand piano Grotrian-Steinweg G 277 (dimensions 277 cm x 156 cm x 100 cm, 550kg)

Upright pianos (new pianos)

  • Compact upright piano Grotrian-Steinweg G 114 and G 113 (dimensions respectively 114 or 113 cm high x 148 cm x 53 cm, 220kg)
  • Upright piano Grotrian-Steinweg G 118 (dimensions 118 cm x 148 cm x 54 cm, 240kg)
  • Upright piano Grotrian-Steinweg G 124 (dimensions 124 cm x 148 cm x 57 cm, 255kg)
  • Upright concert piano Grotrian-Steinweg G 132 (dimensions 132 cm x 157 cm x 66 cm, 295kg)

Second brand: Wilhelm Grotrian

  • Upright piano series: WGS 116, WG 118 and WGS 120

  • Grand piano series: WGS 152 and WGS 165
  • The Friedrich Grotrian brand is no longer produced

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