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Founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, the Japanese piano firm is now exported all over the world. Always in search of excellence, Kawai offers a wide range of pianos for all budgets. Upright pianos, grand pianos, digital pianos... All Kawai instruments are the result of a unique know-how perpetuated for generations.

History of the piano  brandKawai

Koichi Kawai, founder of Kawai, was born in Japan in 1886 in Hamamatsu. In 1927 he founded the Kawai research laboratory, where with the help of 7 researchers, he began the manufacture of high quality pianos.

In 1929, the company already at the origin of several upright pianos and grand pianos, is renamed "Manufacture of musical instruments Kawai". The exceptional mechanics of the brand met with tremendous success in Japan, and innovations followed one another.

When Koichi Kawai died, his son Shigaru Kawai took over the company. Innovative and ingenious, Shigeru creates a link between handmade  technique and modern technology.

In 1989, his son, Hirotaka, became president. Under his leadership, Kawai opened a $10 million investment program to modernize manufacturing processes.  Many factories are located around the world, and the family tradition Kawai continues in this way.

The full story Kawai : www.kawaipiano.fr

Piano models Kawai

Since 1927, the Japanese manufacturer Kawai has been the pioneer of many innovations since its creation. Always looking for new concepts and materials, Kawai now offers a wide range of pianos, from the most classic to the most modern, for all budgets.

Grand pianos Kawai :

- Shigeru Kawai range: the top of the Kawai range with the SK-EX and SK-7, 6, 5, 3 and 2
- GX range: the standard of the grand piano with the GX-7, GX-6, 5, 3, 2, 1 models
- GL range: all the essential qualities of a lower price grand piano: GL-50, GL-30, GL-10

Upright pianos  Kawai :

- K range : modern technologies and materials: K600, K500, K300, K200...
- Anytime Hybrid range : acoustic pianos combined with digital technology: K-500 ATX3, K-300 ATX3...
- Aures range : pianos equipped with an amplified soundboard: K-500 Aures, K-300 Aures

Hybrid pianos  Kawai :

- Aures range: pianos equipped with an amplified soundboard
- Anytime grand pianos: grand pianos equipped with digital technology with headphone play
- Anytime upright pianos: upright  pianos equipped with digital technology with headphone play
- Novus range : Innovative pianos equipped with digital technology: NV10S and NV5S

Digital pianos  Kawai :

- CN Series: high quality digital pianos
- KDP Series: affordable digital pianos
- ES Series: portable and versatile digital pianos
- MP Series : stage pianos for professionals
- VPC Series: MIDI master keyboard for virtual piano software

Modern pianos with innovative technologies

To buy Kawai is to dare modernity. If the firm retains many traditional manufacturing processes, it is thanks to its many innovations that it stands out. Digital systems on acoustic pianos, high-quality digital pianos, modern aesthetics, original colors (white, red)... Kawai continues to advance and push the limits of the piano.

Price of a newKawai piano and Price of a usedKawai piano  

Thanks to mastered manufacturing processes, and many factories around the world, Kawai instruments remain relatively affordable overall.

With many scales offered, Kawai pianos are available to meet the many expectations of pianists. 

The high-end Kawai is recognized worldwide. Conservatories, music schools and even professionals trust high-quality Kawai instruments for their reliability, robustness, and acoustic quality .

Well-maintained used models are highly recommended in order to get a very good instrument, with an unbeatable quality / price ratio.

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New Japanese hybrid upright piano Kawai NV5S A Japanese manufacturer since 1927, Kawai has been the pioneer of many innovations since its creation. Always looking for new concepts and materials, Kawai now offers a wide range of pianos,...

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