Silent helmet system

Silent system, to play headphones on acoustic piano! Silent, Anytime, Genio or AD Silent type system. Qualified technicians for installation on your current piano (new or used).

Equip your acoustic piano (real piano) with a silent system. Install a silent system by our qualified technicians.

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AD Silent 2 shank system

Discover the remarkable innovations of the adsilent 2:Sleek design: 30% thinner control box with rounded curves. Ergonomic, the buttons intuitively move closer to the user when the case is moved to the side, now positioned at the top. Advanced...

€3,500.00 Tax included

NOVASOUND NS-5 Silent System

Experience the freedom of limitless playing with the NOVASOUND NS-5 Silent Piano SystemThe NOVASOUND NS 5 revolutionizes your musical experience by transforming your acoustic piano into a versatile, quiet instrument.  Designed with...

€1,990.00 Tax included