Rent your piano: freedom of choice!

Not sure about the motivation of the pianist or choosing the right piano? You can rent a piano in Lorraine and Luxembourg to try it out (and transform it later)!

Before making a lasting commitment, you can rent your instrument of choice and thus test it and the future pianist without commitment of duration (1 month notice only).

After one year of rental, your 12 rents will be refunded if you buy an acoustic piano of the same or higher value. For example, you can buy back the acoustic piano you rent.

We are the only structure in Lorraine and Luxembourg to offer you such a choice in piano rental : a selection of more than 100 instruments!

1 - digital pianos for rent

Are you taking your first steps at the piano? Looking for the most economical solution? These instruments are the ideal choice for a rent from 19 € / month

2 - used acoustic pianos for rent

Are you a beginner child or adult pianist? Are you looking for a quality instrument for you or your child? These instruments, revised by our Technicians, are the ideal choice for a moderate rent of 25 € / month

3 - new acoustic pianos for rent

You want to rent a new piano, which you can buy if the passion lasts? Are you looking for a new quality instrument and you want to be able to choose its finish (white lacquered, black lacquered or wood)? These instruments are the ideal choice for a studied rent, from 55 € / month

4 - acoustic pianos with silent system for rent

Do you want to rent a piano equipped with a headphone playing system (silent Yamaha or silent Genio), taking advantage of the advantages of the acoustic piano (heavy touch, aesthetics, pleasure of emotions) and the advantages of digital (silent playing, recording, different sounds? These instruments allow you to test this technology and combine daytime & night pleasure, from  75 € / month

4 - acoustic pianos YAMAHA U1 and YAMAHA U3 for rent

Are you a beginner pianist or are you taking up the piano again? Are you looking for a quality instrument to keep over time? These instruments are made for you! 

These pianos YAMAHA U1 and YAMAHA U3 are the best-selling piano models in the world: a reference for all Teachers! The value of its instruments is respectively € 9,610 and € 11,420  (new prices). 

Some copies available for a moderate rent of 69,90 € / month. Our rental fleet Yamaha consists exclusively of used pianos, overhauled, guaranteed and available for purchase (reimbursement of maximum 12 rents). Their selling price is then less than 50% compared to the new model.

Pianos Yamaha lacquered black and visually in new condition, as they have been polished by experienced professionals.

Pianos exclusively made in Japan - 88 keys - solid cast iron frame - 3 pedals including a mute.

Finally quality pianos, much more than a study piano, and available for rent!

Some examples of pianos for rent HERE