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A major manufacturer of European pianos, Petrof is one of the favorite piano brands of Conservatories and Music Schools.

The manufacture of acoustic pianos (upright pianos and grand pianos) PETROF is currently the largest European manufacturer (volume of 100% European pianos).

Founded in 1864, the Petrof company has been able to evolve its manufacturing while maintaining the DNA of its brand: traditional production. More than 80% of the work remains manual, which gives each instrument a unique musical soul.

The brand of pianos Petrof

Founded by the great-great-grandfather of the current manager, Mrs. Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová (Susan Petrof), Petrof remains a family business that has always continued to increase its manufacturing quality.

Backed by a 10-year warranty, European pianos Petrof are the best quality, at a lower price than all German brands (made in Germany).

Petrof offers 3 ranges of 100% European pianos:

  • Pianos straight expression, series P: P118 S1, P118, P122, P125, P131 and P135

  • Grand pianos, P series: P159 Bora, P173 Breeze, P194 Storm, P210 Pasat, P237 Monsoon and P284 Mistral

  • Prestige series, ANT PETROF : upright piano AP 136, grand pianos AP 225 and AP 275 (model selected for the International Piano Competition of Gagny in particular)

You can also find the WEINBACH sub-brand in our stores. It takes up the state of mind of the manufacturer while having a completely different specification.

Official website of Petrof pianos:

Manufacture Petrof, Czech Republic, Europe

More than 30 carpenters work at the Petrof factory in Hradec Králové (near Prague, Czech Republic) with wood from Czech forests. They build the instruments, from raw tree trunks: keyboard, soundboard and furniture.

>Lacquer operations are carried out in-house, which makes it possible to meet customization requests (specific colors, gilding, etc.).   

The manufacture of the low strings, the spinning of copper, is carried out manually by the employees of Petrof (100% female work team).

Little by little the piano takes shape:

  • Assembly and drying of the woods that will constitute the soundboard, the vibrant heart of the instrument.
  • Assembly of Renner hammer heads on their wooden handles
  • Assembly and adjustments of Petrof or Renner mechanics (depending on instrument range)
  • Peg and piano stringing
  • Assembly of keyboard, pedals and the latest components
  • Break-in of the instrument in sound chamber
  • Harmonizing the sound of hammers
  • Fine tuning of keyboard, mechanics and string alignment

Having visited the Petrof factory, the Pianos Schaeffer employees can tell you about the love of the employee-craftsmen who make these quality pianos. 

Exclusive Petrof piano distribution: Lorraine and Luxembourg

Because we are looking for quality pianos, capable of conveying intense emotion, our technical and commercial teams have unanimously expressed the wish to offer new and used PETROF pianos in each of our points of sale.

Our piano tuning technicians are all trained in tuning and adjusting Petrof pianos, both in the workshop and at home, and in concert conditions.

For several years, the companies Pianos Schaeffer and Petrof have been engaged in a direct partnership: the pianos ordered for our customers and our stores come directly from the manufacture Petrof in the Czech Republic, without intermediary.

We are thus able to supply the original parts of the pianos Petrof manufactured on demand directly from the birthplace of the pianos.

Price of a new Petrof piano and Price of a used Petrof piano

Thanks to European manufacturing, the Petrof brand is a sustainable investment. It is a family instrument, which can be transmitted from generation to generation.

Certainly the best current value for money in the world of new piano, thanks to a European quality (equivalent to German pianos) and a qualified workforce, each Petrof piano is a jewel of craftsmanship at an affordable price. 

Subject to proper storage and maintenance (see expertise sheet), a used Petrof piano with a professional warranty is a good deal, if you accept the small brands of time.

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Grand piano  Petrof P210 Pasat newProduced in the Czech Republic since 1864, Petrof instruments reveal a round and romantic timbre , in the purest European tradition.Born from the latest generation of Petrof pianos, the P210...

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