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A renowned German manufacturer of pianos, the Sauter manufacturer is recognized worldwide for its prestigious instruments.

The upright and acoustic grand pianos Sauter are entirely handmade in the heart of the workshops in Germany. They thus have unique characteristics, always neat, appreciated by pianists around the world.

History of the piano brand Sauter

The story Sauter begins in 1813, when Johann Grimm, a young apprentice carpenter from Spaichingen in Germany decided to learn how to make pianos. Johann Grimm then moved in with Johann Andreas Streicher and his wife Nanette Stein to begin his apprenticeship.

After six years of training in Vienna, Grimm returned full of energy and ideas. In 1819 he began building square pianos in Spaichingen.

In 1846, his nephew Carl Sauter built the Sauter workshop to turn it into a real factory, where a dozen apprentices were employed. Its expansion proceeded very quickly, even after Carl's untimely death, forcing Johann Sauter, only 17 years old, to take over the management of the company with his mother.

Johann Sauter, attracted by innovation, greatly evolves the instruments of the manufacture.

Since then, open-mindedness, pioneering spirit and love of perfection have always marked the work of Sauter.

Sauter has since continued to progress, developing an international reputation, and always aiming for this much appreciated perfection.

The full story Sauter :

Piano models Sauter

The clear and bright sound is an essential feature of Sauter pianos. Whether straight or grand pianos, the pianos of the German firm will surely reveal an extraordinary romantic sound.

Upright pianos Sauter :

Upright pianos seduce Sauter with their brilliant timbre, their finesse of touch and their strong power of expression. Intended for both concert halls and private interiors, upright pianos will Sauter shine in their use.

  • Classic-Line : standard upright pianos of the brand: models 112, 116, 122, 130
  • Designed by Peter Maly: pianos with a design worked by Peter Maly: Accento, Artes, Concent, Pure Basic...
  • Meisterklasse : the technical class of excellence: Meisterklasse 122 and 130

Grand pianos Sauter :

Grand pianos impressive by their wide and full sound, their different playing style and their unique timbre. These instruments are not only a feast for the ears, they are also a real pleasure for the eyes – in a concert hall, a living room or in a modern home.

  • Classic-Line : standard grand pianos of the brand: models 160, 185, 220 and 275
  • Designed by Peter Maly: pianos with design worked by Peter Maly: Ambiente and Vivace

Unique in their timbre and design

The musical and visual qualities of upright pianos and grand pianos Sauter come from the constant search for perfection, and all the know-how offered by Sauter :

  • The right choice of woods for soundboards, easel and ribs
  • Spherical curvature Sauter
  • Precise finishes
  • The consistently high quality of the strings
  • Selected high-end components
  • Particular attention to the quality of finish of each element of the piano

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