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Marque pianos acoustique SCHAEFFER

Our company is since its birth in 1984 Specialist of pianos

We offer a wide selection of controlled and revised used pianos and new pianos selected directly from the manufacturers. The budget is a constraint to respect, so we have several ranges of instruments. Our leasing and financing solutions allow you to benefit from superior quality right away.

From the digital piano, to the study piano and up to the grand piano (toad, 1/4 tail, 1/2 tail and grand grand concert piano), compare and choose the one that suits you.

Our technical team (Tuners Restorers of pianos) operates in Lorraine, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany.

Our staff is exclusively composed of salaried technicians on permanent contracts. We are also a training company for future work-study graduates (CAP BMA DMA), employees that you will meet in our workshops. 

We are able to take care of your piano at home (annual maintenance agreement), as we do with our park of instruments in store or in Conservatories and Music Schools.

A network of stores (Nancy, Metz, Thionville and Luxembourg) to support you

In each of our boutiques, you will be welcomed by a qualified Advisor. A demonstration? A technical or original explanation? All your questions are welcome!

Before, during and after your choice, you have the direct contact details (email and phone) of the professional who received you. Thus, we can build with you a personalized musical relationship.

Our entire store network offers the same standard of quality: your piano is guaranteed at home, regardless of the Pianos store Schaeffer chosen. We  offer a range of new and used pianos in each of our points of sale.

Why choose us?

Several companies in our field are doing their job well. If we have become number 1 of the Greater Eastern Region and Luxembourg, it is thanks to some strong points of which here is an excerpt:

  • Since 1984, 8,000 customers have placed their trust in us (we have provided them with our know-how). Throughout the France or more locally in Lorraine, Belgium (Arlon region), Germany (Trier region) and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we have been able to meet the requirements of our customers. Word of mouth remains our best advertisement!
  • We benefit from the EUROPIANO quality approval, which attests to our technical quality and allows us to follow the European warranty of your instrument purchased from us.
  • The Conservatories of Music have selected us for our quality of service. With two restoration workshops and a wide range of skills, we know how to magnify your piano from the factory exit (unbridling and technical preparation) until its second life (restoration).
  • The major piano brands trust us to represent them, talk about their history and pamper their instruments in showrooms.
  • Finally, benefit from a passionate and trained team, which intervenes at your home, in store or remotely. We respond to all situations, throughout your musical life as long as it concerns our profession: your piano.

Pianos numériques neufs, occasion ou en location clavier electrique

The genesis of the Pianos Schaeffer in Lorraine

In 1984, in order to meet a need that he himself met as a beginner pianist, Emile SCHAEFFER settled as an independent. Its objective: to democratize the piano, by offering the best prices to as many people as possible, even if it means shaking up the sector.

The first sales area, in the heart of our family home, contributes to making known in Lorraine European brands (Rönisch, Rameau, Blondel...) and international brands (Yamaha, Kawai...).

The selected used pianos are already part of the Pianos Schaeffer offer.

The first store near Metz

In 1995, the activity is structured in the form of a family company (Pianos Schaeffer), managed by Emile SCHAEFFER as Manager.

In order to have an extensive exhibition space, the store and head office is created in the peripheral commercial space Zone Actisud Augny (prox. center Waves), 5 minutes from Metz center.

The company then has

  • 400 mdedicated to digital pianos and acoustic pianos
  • A permanent choice of more than 100 instruments
  • New and used pianos
  • Several grand pianos exhibited and available for testing

It is still one of our flagship stores today, with easy parking and road access.

2003 - 2004 establishment of the network of stores in Lorraine: Lunéville, Nancy, Metz, Thionville

Our SME decides to open 4 additional stores, in order to be closer to our local customers:

A new store specializing in pianos, in the city center in Thionville (57)
A second store specializing in pianos, in the city center in Nancy (54)
Two other general stores all musical instruments in Nancy (54) and Lunéville (54). We will choose not to continue the activity of these generalist stores, in order to focus on our core business: the piano.

Even today, the shops of Metz (Augny), Nancy and Thionville welcome you in Lorraine:

4th100% piano store opened in Luxembourg 

In 2014, we continued our development and strengthened our network with the opening of a fourth point of sale in Hesperange, Luxembourg (South of Luxembourg City and Howald).

The objective is to get closer to our Luxembourg customers and to offer them a local technical and commercial service.

We are the n°1 network in the world of piano, in France and in the Greater Region.

A small family business with big ambitions for you!

All our stores are centralized : you benefit from the same quality of advice, the same technical team, a single after-sales service and a choice of more than 400 PIANOS at your disposal.

In each showroom, you will find the commitment of our family company now managed by the second generation: Nicolas SCHAEFFER.

Our SME is composed of 12 professionals, who work daily to bring you more and more services around the piano.

All our 4 stores, members of the international EuroPiano network, offer you the largest selection of pianos in the East of the France and Luxembourg!

In addition you benefit from a national guarantee: the guarantee of your piano follows you, in Paris, Brussels, Liège, Luxembourg, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Brest ...