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How to choose your used piano?

For the purchase of a used digital piano, as for any electronic equipment that remains a consumable, a warranty of at least one year is an imperative to secure its purchase.

The choice of a second-hand acoustic piano depends on the use you want to make of it: is it a decorative object or a musical instrument, on which you want to play (and have fun)?

If you are interested in the second option, you must have the instrument's maintenance booklet (as for a car) and an expertise by a professional, in order to anticipate:

  1. the current state of the piano , to avoid common frame, soundboard or bridge problems (which are prohibitive)
  2. the mandatory technical work to be planned, for example a rehash or change of ropes which will have a significant cost
  3. the recommendations of adjustments and agreement. A piano that has not been tuned for several years will require an additional cost, for its restart (several successive tones, in order to stabilize its notes)
  4. difficulties and transport costs, which are additional costs to the price of the piano itself.
  5. Finally, the security of the financial transaction, sometimes on substantial amounts.

Which brand to choose for a used piano?

There are 3 main families of brands: European brands, Asian brands and other piano brands. In Asia, it will be important to distinguish: Japanese manufacturers (high-end Asian) and other Asian countries (Indonesia, China or Korea).

Premium Brands

  • Bechstein
  • Fazioli
  • Grotrian Steinweg

European piano brands

  • French pianos (attention to the ages): Pleyel, Erard, Gaveau, Rameau
  • German pianos: Grotrian Steinweg, Bechstein, Schimmel, Ibach, Euterpe, BLÜTHNER
  • Czech pianos: Petrof, some WEINBACH, some Hoffmann and some Rösler

Asian piano brands

  • Japanese pianos: some Kawai, some Yamaha, Toyo
  • Korean pianos : Samick, YOUNG CHANG, Hyundai

Piano brands from other countries

  • Kimball, Nordiska, Furstein, Schulze Pollman, Estonia

Beyond the brand, it will be necessary to be interested in the materials used in its construction and the exact place of manufacture. For example, the piano brand ESSEX, a sub-brand of STEINWAY & SONS, manufactures its pianos in Asia, with Asian materials. Another example, a Schimmel piano, equipped with Chinese mechanics (Luo for example), will be stamped "made in Germany" but less appreciated than a 100% European piano.

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