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South Korean company Samick was established in 1958 in the spirit of innovation and development of the musical instrument industry.

Over the past half-century, Samick has grown into a truly global company, working with 200 partners in 80 countries around the world.

The pianos Samick are renowned for their robustness, aesthetics, and brilliant typically Asian sound.

Samick, they are also digital pianos, children's pianos, and even guitars!

History of the brand Samick

The Samick Piano Co. was founded on September 1, 1958 in Seoul, South Korea. It took only a few years for Saimck to show export favour, opening branches in the United States and then in Germany.

Since 1980, the company has been working with the German piano maker Klaus Fenner, thus benefiting from all the German know-how in the field.

To date, Samick pianos are sold worldwide. They have been distributed in France for more than 50 years, where their many qualities are very popular with amateurs, families and music schools.

Upright pianos and grand pianos Samick

Samick focused primarily on the construction of acoustic pianos. Upright pianos and grand pianos available in many models adapted to each request.

Upright pianos Samick

With its JS range, Samick declines the upright piano in all its forms. Classic or modern, the firm's upright pianos always have very good acoustic qualities, as well as a neat finish.

The WSU series, on the other hand, is mainly intended for professionals looking for an instrument with elegant performance.

Grand pianos Samick

2 ranges of pianos are available: the SIG series and the NSG series. Both high-end, the NSG series was however initially reserved only for professional musicians, proof of the prestige of the models of this "New Samick Grand Piano Series".

The SIG series is intended for any pianist wishing to afford a beautiful grand piano, to be placed in all types of interiors and studios.

Digital pianos Samick

With its SDP, DCP and SP series, Samick explores the digital piano in all its facets: ultra-portable pianos and furniture digital pianos, always with attention to detail, and a sound worked for a guaranteed realism.

Samick : Innovation and modernity

From its first years of existence, the South Korean manufacture has positioned itself as one of the most innovative companies on the market.

Thus, Samick instruments benefit from the latest manufacturing technologies, for an ever more successful rendering.

Samick pianos are often available in relatively original finishes and colors: white, red, classic finishes, modern ...

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