Rental piano study used black white
  • Rental piano study used black white
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Rental piano right used Lacquered study

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Test rental of used upright piano, study type, lacquered Black or White


To test a used study piano over several months and evaluate the motivation of the pianist, benefit from a real acoustic piano, with complete keyboard of 88 keys, strings, mechanics and hammers, for a minimum investment (rental period free in time, possibility of purchase without obligation).

The Pianist will thus discover the true sound of the piano, the ability to nuance his pieces, as well as he or she will exercise his fingers with the right weight of the keys.

This will make it easy to play on other acoustic pianos and grand pianos.

And of course, the unparalleled pleasure of feeling the vibration of the strings will delight pianists and their audiences.

Start piano and piano lessons with a study upright piano 

We guarantee an instrument suitable for learning the piano, with an excellent starting base:

  1. Modern manufacturing: cast iron frame, reactive and revised mechanics.
  2. Full 88-key keyboard, to play all scores. Heavy touch, to exercise those fingers
  3. Dynamic piano sound, to restore the piano sound according to the strength of the game
  4. Included: 3 pedals (including sostenuto, to hold the sound)
  5. Included: Music stand, to put your scores (or your digital tablet)
  6. Included: Cover to protect keys from dust
  7. Included: Casters, to easily move the piano within the same room or to facilitate cleaning

All our pianos are equipped with desks (to put the scores) and except for a mute pedal (to attenuate the sound when wanted).

This piano model benefits from consoles ("feet" or "columns" under the keyboard) to guarantee stability, robustness and improved aesthetics . It is available in white lacquered or black lacquered versions .

By renting an acoustic piano, you have the option to buy the piano you rent or another (of equivalent or greater value), deducting up to 12 rents paid. You can also continue the rental, keeping your current rental agreement and without price changes!

The test rental is freedom:

  1. to rent as long as you wish, subject to respecting the general conditions of the rental agreement (payment of rents, maintenance of the instrument, etc.)

  2. to subsequently buy an acoustic piano - equivalent or greater value - whether new, used, straight or grand - if it is your wish and receive the refund of the first 12 rents paid, if purchased after one year.

  3. to stop your rental whenever you want, on simple mail, respecting a notice of one month.


  • Choose your instrument, among our pianos in stock. You will be able to listen and see the piano of your choice.
  • Choose your matching bench, adjustable in height.
  • We take care of the transport of the instrument to your home (ground floor or floors), in the following days.
  • The piano is installed at home, you enjoy it right away!
  • After stabilization, one of our technicians will tune the piano at home.

Contract and Rental Period of your used acoustic piano 

At any time of the year you can start renting a piano. The best time to start is yours!

Notice of termination of rental: one month only.

When signing your contract, remotely (email) or in store, the conditions are simple and clear.

Choice and availability of our used upright pianos for rent

We have a fleet of more than 50 used pianos available for rent. Each of our stores offers a representative choice of pianos, new and used, acoustic and digital.

In the case of an acoustic piano, we can undertake to deliver to you within 15 days of your visit to the store (excluding special delivery difficulties such as freight elevator, window passage, etc.), subject to a complete file: RIB, Deposit, Identity Card and signature of the contract. 

Illustrative photo provided as an example, pianos for rent to choose in store according to available models.

For the peace of mind of the tenant and the renter, the rents are automatically debited every month from your bank account, on the date that suits you. 

We will gladly present and explain all the terms of the in-store rental agreement.


"Is your piano rental formula a lease or a rent-to-own (LOA)?

=> Yes and No. Yes because you have the possibility (the option) to buy an acoustic piano. No, because unlike a leasing or a LOA, you are not obliged to rent for a period, in our formula you can stop at any time.

"Is your piano rental formula better than a credit or financing?

=> It's not the same thing. When you choose financing, you are immediately the owner but committed to a defined period to be paid monthly. In our formula, you are first a tenant (the instrument does not belong to you) and are free in time. You have the option to become the owner of a piano, to return the instrument to us or to continue renting without time limit.

"Do I have to pay the price of the piano in cash, after my rent has been repaid?"

=> No, you have the possibility to benefit from the reimbursement of your rents (12 months maximum) and then to finance the rest to be paid as you prefer: at once or in several times, up to 120 months.

"What happens if I rent beyond the 12 months? Do you pay me all the rents?"

=> Beyond 12 months, your rental contract continues under the same conditions, without increase. Your first 12 rents are acquired and can be refunded to you at any time in case of purchase of an acoustic piano. 

However, the 13th rent and the following ones will not be refunded. You have the possibility to contact us at any time (before 12 months, after one year or thereafter) to discuss it directly with your sales advisor.

Example of purchase and reimbursement of the 12 rents : you decide to rent an acoustic piano worth 3'990 € TTC. Price of the monthly rental: 85 € TTC / month. After one year, you choose to become the owner of an acoustic piano at the price of 3'990 € - (12 X 85 €) = rest to pay 2'970 € TTC (payable in several installments or in cash). The rental of the instrument is therefore fully refunded!

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