Insulator mat for piano small model (specific acoustic piano)
  • Insulator mat for piano small model (specific acoustic piano)
  • Special thermal floor heating mat for upright piano study


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  • Satin Black

Superb insulating mat to reduce the volume (soundproofing) and protect (thermal insulation) your acoustic piano.

Insulating mat for upright piano, model 151 x 32 cm.

Dimensions on the floor of your piano: less than the size of the carpet, i.e. 151 cm by 32 cm. Generally suitable for study pianos, type Yamaha B1, Petrof 118 S1, Kawai K15, etc.

The thickest thickness of the carpet (borders) is 1 cm, knowing that the inner part is a little thinner and flexible. Your piano will therefore retain its usual height (pedal height also).

Made in Europe.

For expression pianossee our larger size model.

This carpet is designed to have impeccable thermal and sound insulation for your piano.

This coating specially designed for musicians, isolates temperature variations (underfloor heating or unheated basement) and absorbs part of the sound that normally diffuses into the ground (immediate vicinity).

In particular, it guarantees the stability and tuning of your instrument, as well as its lifespan.

This small model is perfect for a study piano (with or without column)

or for a larger piano, if aesthetically you do not want to see the carpet. 

Effective protection for your piano

  • The mat reduces the sound played (tested with ISO 717-2): 

  1. To preserve your Neighbors in the same building (lower or side floor), the sound of your instrument will be attenuated.
  2. Thanks to its special sound structure, it absorbs some of the sound emitted from the bottom of your instrument, thus attenuating the sound impact of your piano on your neighborhood.
  3. Its composition reduces the propagation of  vibrations of the sound of the piano on the ground.
  • The mat protects your piano against thermal and hygrometric conditions of the floor: 

  1. The carpet has a high thermal insulation (0.083m² K/W) which will protect your piano from rising hot air (in the case of underfloor heating and underfloor heating in particular).

  2. It will also protect your instrument if the lower floor is poorly insulated or cold (garage, cellar ...), thanks to excellent moisture resistance and permeability to water vapor (0.47g / m2, 24h).
  3. Effective protection against thermal bridges that may exist in the room where your piano is located.

Composition of this soundproofing mat special acoustic piano

  • fabric materials and upholstery: PA 66 (gold leaf treated polyester composition, PP polyethylene modified with silver / aluminum)
  • Surface under the carpet and in contact with your floor: velvet
  • Surface on the carpet and in contact with your piano: antistatic short bristles.
  • Made in Europe


Advice for use for floor protection and vibrations related to your upright piano

This product is suitable for all surfaces (parquet, tiles, etc.).  It will ensure a better tuning hold of your piano and prolong its durability.

Thanks to its manufacturing quality, it has a long service life. The acoustic piano generally remains in the same place for several years (several decades), we strongly recommend that you couple the carpet with the purchase of cups available on our site at this link, as long as your piano is equipped with casters. Indeed, over time, the weight of the piano is concentrated on the 4 wheels of the piano and this can create a sagging of the carpet at these precise places. The cups will distribute the load over larger areas.

VERIFIED CUSTOMER REVIEWS posted on Company-Guaranteed-Reviews

I had a lot of echo when playing the piano and thanks to the piano mat, the problem is solved. Piece of very good quality and very beautiful. I recommend this site very effective. Thank you to the whole team

The insulating mat is very good and the right size

The answers given to the questions by email were fast, clear and in a courteous email. The online order went well, and it is very nice to be able to track the shipment of the package. The purchased carpet is the expected product, and completes the insulation of an acoustic piano in a room with a little resonance.

Very cordial seller, having agreed to redeliver the package while I had made a mistake in the address. As for the article, a piano mat: according to the description given in the site.


ALSO AVAILABLE IN LARGER SIZE (expression piano >1m20 high)

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Dimensions (width)
32 cm
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151 cm