Rental Acoustic or digital piano accessory bench

Tax included

Rent your height-adjustable piano bench

Rent the essential accessory for your piano: the adjustable bench

In order to practice in good conditions, we offer you to rent without commitment the essential accessories: the adjustable bench (also available for purchase).

Accompany your rented piano with the right seat, right from the start

A good material with its accessories, are half of the success!

As specialists, we offer the following rental for 5 € TTC:

Pianist bench, adjustable in height and robust. A very good level of comfort, which allows a pleasant seat for a diligent practice.  

Monthly rental: Adjustable bench for piano

in different colours: black, white, wood (satin or glossy)

Comfortable and wide seat:

  • Structure in solid wood, covered with a decorative qualitative coating: lacquered or varnished as for a new acoustic piano.

  • Seat upholstery type: padded velvet for playing comfort

  • Seat color: random. The color of the seat is associated with the color of the structure (the photos are not representative of the seat/structure color associations).

  • Supported weight, from 10 to 140 kg (breaking load: 2 tons)

  • Seat size 52 cm x 30 cm (designed for one person)

Structure and mechanism of the cylinder bench 

This piano seatpairs perfectly with a black, varnished black or matte black lacquered piano. Or even white.

This accessory is suitable for a grand piano, an upright piano or a digital piano!

Quick and easy assembly: 4 screws type M10 High resistance to fix on the frame, with tool provided (or standard flat key).

Bench mechanism: precision mechanism, cross type, with worm or needle bearing.

Robust solid wood construction

Height adjustment mechanism, by 2 handles: easy up and down .

Possible heights from 48 to 57 cm (suitable for children/people of all sizes)

Use of this bench: Amateurs and Semi-professional

This height-adjustable piano bench is particularly suitable for piano beginners, as well as experienced pianists.

It offers playing comfort and adaptation to the size of the pianist. Avoid playing on a chair or any other unsuitable support that will cause bad back positions in particular.

If the pianist is a minor, the seat adjustment will therefore evolve with the growth of the child/teenager.

This piano seat can also be used for semi-professional use: preparation for music and audition conservatories competitions at the end of the year, piano lessons with private teacher.

2 years warranty for this quality accessory.

Contract and Rental Period of your accessory

At any time of the year you can start renting a piano or accessory.

The best time to start is yours!

Notice of termination of rental: one month only.

When signing your contract, remotely (email) or in store, the conditions are simple and clear. No hidden costs, only the rental amount is at your expense!

The test rental is freedom!

  1. Rent as long as you want, subject to respecting the general conditions of the rental agreement (payment of rents, maintenance of the instrument, etc.).  

  2. If you wish to become an owner, you can buy an acoustic piano and its accessories whether new, used, straight or grand (equivalent or greater value) and receive the refund of the first 12 rents paid (including possible rental of accessories), if purchased after one year.

  3. to stop your rental whenever you want, on simple mail or email, respecting a notice of one month.

Example of purchase and reimbursement of the 12 rents : you decide to rent a piano and its bench with a total value of 1'890 € TTC. Price of the monthly rental: 40 € TTC / month. After one year, you can buy an acoustic piano at the price of 1'890 € - (12 X 40 €) = rest to pay 1'410 € TTC (payable in several installments or in cash). The rental of the instrument is therefore fully refunded!

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