SAMICK J115 silencer
  • SAMICK J115 silencer
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  • Small white study piano with silencer
  • Samick used white NANCY
  • Used upright SAMICK white piano
  • Silent on SAMICK Occasion, SCHAEFFER nancy
  • SAMICK J115D white equipped GENIO PETROL
  • White samick with silent GENIO system

UPRIGHT PIANO SAMICK JS115D equipped with a silent system

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  • Glossy White
Silent system
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Used upright  pianoSamick JS115D equipped with a silencer 

Founded in 1958 in South Korea, the Samick factory is one of the leaders in the music sector with several high-performance factories and a complete know-how in instrument making.

Pianos Samick have been distributed in France for more than 50 years, where their many qualities are very popular with amateurs, families and music schools.

A compact Asian upright piano 

The Samick JS115D is an upright piano 115 cm high that reveals a pleasant power, tinged with a brilliant sound, typical of the brand.

This used model is available in glossy white finish  .

Silent system for helmet play

Equipped with a silent system, this Samick JS115D allows the game with the helmet in order to work without disturbing the entourage.

A major asset for an upright piano intended to be installed in a small apartment or house.

Technical specifications: 

  • Height : 115 cm
  • Width : 148 cm
  • Depth: 55 cm
  • Weight: 210 kg

Pianos Schaeffer 's opinion:

This Samick JS115D is an ideal piano for musicians looking for a compact upright piano with pleasant power.

The silent system allowing the playing with headphones is a real asset on this Asian upright piano (Korea)

Our offer with serenity package includes:

- The preparation of the piano by our technicians 

- Transport and installation by specialists in Lorraine and Luxembourg

- Home agreement

- Full 5-year warranty

SM115 silent
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