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Maintenance contract upright / grand piano LUXEMBOURG BELGIUM GERMANY

Tax included Making an appointment within 1 week

Maintenance contract, for tuning and technical interventions at home on your upright piano or grand piano

Monthly maintenance contract, for the follow-up of your acoustic piano

Quality follow-up for your piano

  • A team of 5 salaried, competent and available technicians, tuners of the Conservatoire
  • 3-month warranty on annual agreement work done (5-year warranty on all our repairs, renovations and restorations)
  • Manufacturer's warranties and Piano Warranty Schaeffer preserved: extended service life and avoided breakdowns (we systematically carry out a functional keyboard-mechanical-pedal check). Thus, a customer under warranty and monitored annually by our technical service will not pay the price of 95 € TTC for the replacement of a broken low string for example.

All fees included

  • All travel expenses included (package 75 € TTC / intervention), for the agreement and our interventions in after-sales service.
  • A very sweet monthly amount: you do not pay interest! No tariff increase for a minimum of one year.
  • No extra cost compared to the price of an annual agreement, only extra services!

Planning, monitoring and annual reminder

  • VIP treatment: your requests are a priority, we contact you every year for your appointment.
  • A professional planning service: a single telephone number at 09 70 24 61 95 (local call price), available from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm.
  • Free confirmation by email, reminder at your convenience.
  • Free cancellation of your appointment 48 hours in advance

Duration of the piano maintenance contract

After an initial period of 12 months (including a home agreement service), you are free to interrupt the contract at any time (notice of 1 month only).

Tuning your acoustic piano in France

The annual tuning of your piano is necessary for the good health of your instrument and the enjoyment of pianists.

A piano regularly tuned by a competent professional, will see its lifespan maximized (100 years and more). Thanks to a maintained tension of the strings, the soundboard keeps its curve defined in the factory and this reduces the risk of splitting at the soundboard.

Thus, regardless of the frequency of play (and even if the instrument no longer plays at this time), the annual tuning intervention of your piano is imperative and recommended by all piano manufacturers. As part of a warranty (manufacturer or store), this maintenance is a mandatory condition.

Conversely, a poorly followed maintenance of your piano will necessarily lead to a loss of value of your instrument and multiple malfunctions / breaks (including string breaks, splits at the soundboard, etc.).

Appointment Piano agreement at home: Services included

Our customers benefit from dedicated support:

  1. Making appointments by phone and email
  2. Meeting tuning your piano, Monday to Saturday
  3. Confirmation of the appointment by email
  4. Meeting service reachable 5 days a week, by phone and email
  5. Cancellation & postponement of appointment without charge 

According to everyone's wishes, we call you back on an annual basis to plan the regular tuning of your instrument. We think about it for you, at no extra cost.

Agreement (or Accord) in all-inclusive package!

Depending on your location (see drop-down list), our package includes all the costs of quality work:

  • Work of a qualified Piano Technician, Tuner & Piano Maker
  • Checking the operation of the Keyboard, Mechanics and Pedals block
  • Maintenance agreement (annual or multi-annual agreement) of your piano 
  • 3-month warranty on the holding of agreement made by our Technician
  • Technician travel included in our usual sector
  • VAT included
  • (on request) Free expertise of your instrument: possible improvements, necessary restorations or financial evaluation

Our technicians can advise you, during their appointment at home, on all aspects of your instrument and its adequacy with your current level.

In case of malfunction, the required improvements will be recommended on site or via a quote sent later when necessary.

The profession of Tuner or Piano Maker

Our Employees Tuners and Piano Makers, have benefited from initial training (mainly at ITEMM) and continue to maintain their skills (Continuing Education, with manufacturers and other professionals).

It is a craft that retains its artisanal characteristics, with the personal sensitivity of each speaker who will adapt to your piano.

Even if professional electronic equipment accompanies our professionals, all are trained to tune by ear.

In this profession, the best rub shoulders with some less trained freelancers. The competence will be audible, in terms of immediate result and in the duration (holding of the agreement). We are committed to the quality of our teams: all our agreements are guaranteed for 3 months.

After each service, an intervention voucher / invoice is issued to you, in order to keep track of our work.

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