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Used grand piano PETROF 159, the draft of the BORA with a history ..

Quarter grand piano  Petrof P159, the ancestor of the BORA 

Produced in the Czech Republic since 1864, the Petrof instruments reveal a round and velvety timbre , in the purest European tradition.

Manufactured Petrof 1979, this P159  small grand piano is the smallest grand piano in the range. It was taken over from a private individual and then completely restored, respecting its European origins and its romantic character. The furniture has also been relacquered and offers a flawless finish.  

The smallest grand piano Petrof

The small "grand piano": only its size makes this ancestor of the Bora a small instrument. As soon as the hammers hit the strings, the P159  reveals an attractive, rich timbre that is surprisingly powerful for its size.

Once again, the company Petrof has brought the best materials and its qualified know-how in the design of the instrument.

Equipped with a very reliable Rener action, the very pleasant touch of this piano will satisfy the most demanding pianists.

Professional pianists and amateurs looking for a beautiful grand piano will appreciate this small P159 grand piano for its beautiful qualities and its unique character, in a minimal volume. A singular piano, with a keyboard testifying to the passionate work of its former owner. 

Technical characteristics : 

  • Height: 102 cm
  • Width: 152 cm
  • Length : 159 cm
  • Weight: 309 kg
  • Finishes: gloss black

Pianos Schaeffer 's opinion on the P159  Petrof 

The Petrof P159 is aimed at pianists who appreciate the character of a European instrument but are suitable for a small piece. Her timbre charms instantly, with a hint of sparkle that adds to her strong personality 

Our offer with serenity pack includes: 

- Piano preparation by our technicians 

- Transport and installation by specialists in Lorraine and Luxembourg

- Home tuning

- Full 10-year warranty

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Data sheet

Dimension (Height)
103 cm
Dimensions (width)
153 cm
Dimensions (Depth)
159 cm
Weight (kg)
309 kg