KAWAI GX2 AURES - Black Grand Piano
  • KAWAI GX2 AURES - Black Grand Piano
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New KAWAI GX2 Aures2 Grand Piano

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  • Brilliant Black
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HIGHLIGHTS of the new black lacquer grand piano KAWAI GX 2 AURES-2

    Discover the GX-2 AURES 2, a revolutionary hybrid piano integrating traditional craftsmanship with the latest piano technology. Enjoy Millennium III carbon-fiber action and breathtaking SK-EX Rendering digital sound. With its soundboard amplification system, record, play and create with exceptional sound quality. Order your GX-2 AURES 2 piano now for an unrivalled musical experience.
  • - 180cm GX-2 grand piano
  • - Kawai hybrid soundboard amplification system with 4 high-performance transducers
  • - SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine with multi-channel sampling
  • - A modern user interface, the PianoRemote app for iOS/Android controls operations via your smart device
  • - Integrated Bluetooth MIDI and Audio wireless technology
  • - App-based recorder (SMF/WAV/FLAC/AAC formats)
  • - Polyphony of 256 (max.)

Grand Piano KAWAI GX-2 AURES 2: Perfect Fusion of Tradition and Technology

Drawing on nearly a century of piano craftsmanship and advanced piano technology, our next-generation GX-2 AURES 2 grand piano is an impeccable fusion of the best in acoustic and digital piano performance. It starts with the impressive GX-2 grand piano, offering Kawai's renowned Millennium III carbon fiber action, a tapered solid spruce top, a solid rear frame, and a massive cast iron plate.

Seamlessly integrated into the GX-2 AURES 2 is a premium digital piano that can be played silently with headphones or through the acoustic soundboard via Kawai's exclusive high-performance soundboard transducers. This incredible soundboard technology allows the GX-2 AURES 2 to deliver stunning digital sound through its premium solid spruce top, resulting in a rich, powerful and expansive sound.

Musicians can complement their performances with a wide selection of digital tones or layer digital sounds with the acoustic piano for an exciting and creative musical experience. Practice new tunes using the app-based metronome and record your performance. Play along with backing tracks from a Bluetooth-connected smart device and enjoy your own ensemble performance.

Technical characteristics of the Aures GX-2 piano:

  • Height: 102 cm
  • Length: 180 cm
  • Width: 152 cm
  • Weight: 324 kg
  • Finish: Gloss Black

Pianos Schaeffer 's opinion on the Kawai GX-2 :

A unique marriage of tradition and technology, the Kawai GX2 offers exceptional sound and unrivalled playability, all in an elegant and innovative design and for a controlled price.

Our offer with serenity pack includes:

- Piano preparation by our technicians

-Transport and installation by specialists in Lorraine and Luxembourg

- Home tuning

- Full 10-year warranty on the acoustic part

KAWAI GX2 Aures 2
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