Grand piano SCHIMMEL K 189 Tradition d'occasion

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  • Brilliant Black
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Used grand piano brand SCHIMMEL model K-189 T, an incredible sound richness.

Used piano black varnish Schimmel K189 Tradition

The Konzert range from Schimmel reveals the manufacturing excellence of the German brand.

Made in Braunsweig, Germany, this range uses the finest piano makers to achieve excellence.

Below the Konzert series ("K"), Schimmel offers a first taste with the Classic series ("C").

Schimmel K189 Tradition: a prestigious quarter grand piano

The Schimmel K189 Tradition can be described in one word: majestic.

189 cm long for a powerful sound, always romantic in the purest German tradition. A quarter grand piano of very high quality that will satisfy the most demanding pianists.

Its advanced mechanics bring to your piano a very rich sound that is forged with the different musical interpretations of each pianist.

Ideal for small stages, recording studios or individuals, this Schimmel K189 is an opportunity to seize.

Technical specifications: 

  • Piano dimension: length - 1890 mm / width - 1500 mm 
  • Identity: 
  • Origin of manufacture: Made in Germany
  • Finish + fittings: Black lacquered + brass 

Pianos Schaeffer 's opinion on the K189 Tradition Schimmel :

This Schimmel K189 is a truly prestigious instrument. Its romantic sound, delicate touch, and exceptional design make it a grand piano of very high quality to try absolutely.

Our offer with serenity pack includes:

- The preparation of the piano by our technicians

- Transport and installation by our specialists in France, Luxembourg and neighboring countries (ask for conditions in store)

- Home agreement

- The matching adjustable bench seat

- Full 10-year warranty

K-189 Tradition
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