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Schimmel 126 black lacquered tradition
  • Schimmel 126 black lacquered tradition
  • Keyboard SCHIMMEL 126
  • Schimmel 126 equipped with silencer
  • Piano schimmel 126 black NANCY
  • schimmel right 126c
  • Used black SCHIMMEL piano NANCY
  • Expression piano schimmel 126


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  • Brilliant Black
Silent system

Straight piano brand Schimmel new C126T model, with GENIO silent system

Schimmel new C126 Tradition, a balanced expression piano

The upright  pianoSchimmel C 126 combines power, delicacy of playing and warm sound in a romantic style.

A perfectly balanced premium European piano , ideal for demanding pianists looking for a powerful instrument.

All the prestige of the German brand Schimmel is ensured by the fusion of modern manufacturing processes and high-level craftsmanship.

Power and exceptional sound piano Schimmel Classic 126 T

The expression piano Schimmel Classic 126 Tradition develops its powerful, round and clear sound in all registers. A harmonious experience, both to the touch and the sound, so that each musician lets the character of his playing express from the first notes. 

Schimmel built this precise model using the proportions of the golden ratio, in order to obtain an aesthetic and harmonic quintessence.

Equipped with a GENIO Alpha Premium optical silent system installed in our workshops (compare Twintone installed in the factory).

New pianos Schimmel and Tradition range

There are two smaller models in the Tradition range : C116 and C121 and a larger C130 model (reserved for very large spaces).

In our opinion, the Konzert range is reserved for professional pianists. The Wilhelm and Fridolin ranges are models designed by Schimmel, whose production is entrusted to subcontractors (European for Wilhelm or Chinese for Fridolin).

More information on the Schimmel brand: www.schimmel-pianos.de

Technical specifications:

  • Height : 126 cm
  • Width : 149 cm
  • Depth : 62 cm
  • Weight: 247 kg

The piano Schimmel C 126 is completely made in Germany (Made in Germany label).

  • Renner Mechanics (German)
  • Renner/FFW hammers (German)
  • In-ground easels Schimmel, for optimal transmission of vibrations from the strings to the soundboard

The opinion of Pianos Schaeffer on this new piano , customer feedback,  SCHIMMEL C126T :

This superb expression piano will suit pianists looking for an exceptional upright piano of impeccable quality. A European instrument made in Germany to take advantage of all the brilliance of the brand Schimmel.

Piano currently available for trial in our store! Fast delivery assured.

Our offer with serenity pack includes:

- The preparation of the piano by our technicians

- Transport and installation in Europe (ground floor included, floors contact us)

- Home agreement

- The 10-year warranty on the piano except on the silent system which is guaranteed for 2 years.

schimmel C126T