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Grand piano Kawai GL50, the requirement of touch with the prestigious Millenium III mechanics

Japanese grand piano  Kawai GL50 used 

A Japanese manufacturer since 1927, Kawai has been the pioneer of many innovations since its creation. Always looking for new concepts and materials, Kawai now offers a wide range of pianos, from the most classic to the most modern, for all budgets.

 The largest piano in the GL range, this GL50 model incorporates in a compact form  factor,  all the essential qualities that have made Kawai the preferred choice of pianists and teachers for generations.

A quality piano 

The Kawai GL50 piano is a new grand piano made in Asia. With its 188 cm long, this piano 1/4 grand  reveals a beautiful register of playing, even in the bass. The Millennium III mechanics of Kawai give the GL50 a very precise and well-balanced touch , so that each pianist can control his playing with ease. Its strength and robustness allow it to maintain its integrity over time. 

Sober glossy black finish

It is with ease that the Kawai GL50 will find its place in the home where its sober and elegant aesthetic will impose itself smoothly.

Technical specifications:

  • Height : 102 cm
  • Length: 188 cm
  • Width : 152 cm
  • Weight: 334 kg
  • Finish: glossy black

Pianos Schaeffer opinion on the used GL50 Kawai :

This KAWAI GL50 piano is a grand piano for pianists looking for a powerful and versatile grand piano in a 1/4 grand format compatible with many homes. 

Our offer with serenity pack includes:

- The preparation of the piano by our technicians

- Transport and installation by specialists in Lorraine and Luxembourg

- Home agreement

- Full 10-year warranty

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