We are proud to distribute YAMAHA brand pianos and keyboards, which are reliable and durable instruments.

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Warning: Yamaha are currently facing exceptional lead times, so it will take 6 to 18 months for new products that are not in stock. This global situation affects all resellers and we have no visibility on when normal lead times will be restored.

We offer in store the range of new pianos Yamaha Arius and in particular the YDP and P series models. Find on our website the models available in our stores in Luxembourg, Thionville, Metz and Nancy.

In comparison to Yamaha new acoustic pianos, you can try the following instruments:

  • Yamaha B1 => Kawai K15 or Schaeffer 112 M
  • Yamaha B2 => Kawai E200, Kawai K200 or Schaeffer 113 C
  • Yamaha U1 => Kawai K300, Petrof P118 or Petrof P125
  • Yamaha U3 => Kawai K500, Petrof P131 or Petrof P135
  • Yamaha Silent => Kawai Anytime or Genio Premium compatible with all pianos, same occasions
  • Yamaha Disklavier => Steinway Spirio or PianoDisc compatible with all pianos, same occasions

We have chosen to be independent of the Certified Premium Distributor network Yamaha for new acoustic pianos (B, P, U, S and CF series), for Clavinova digital pianos (CLP, CVP, Modus ranges) and for other series including Hybrids (AvantGrand, Silent, Disklavier, TransAcoustic) in order to maintain our independence, in the choice of models to present to you

Thus, we will never present you with a 'bad' piano of a series of inferior quality, because the manufacturer forced us to offer it. On the contrary, we select the best quality & price ratios, in order to make you discover the happy results of the biggest brands, including Yamaha (U1, U3 and UX in particular).

Thus, we are able to bring you an objective comparison between the best Japanese brands, whether in upright pianos and grand piano (Yamaha, Kawai) or keyboards and digital pianos (Yamaha, Roland, Casio and Kawai).

We have a choice of used Yamaha pianos, revised and guaranteed.

Recent used piano (less than 5 years) or high-end models (more than 10 years), you enjoy the quality of a Yamaha brand piano, benefiting from a price of -36% to -60% compared to the new price.

While benefiting from a warranty period of 5 years, equivalent to the manufacturer's warranty on new piano.

Our professional services (delivery, agreement, after-sales service) are also included.

Some examples of used Yamaha pianos regularly available in our stores in Nancy, Metz, Thionville and Luxembourg:

  1. Piano Yamaha U1 (U1 White or Black), sometimes YUS1 

  2. PianoYamaha U3 (U3 White or Black), sometimes YUS2

  3. Silent Yamaha piano (Silent SC2 or Silent SH2), factory equipped

  4. Piano Yamaha B1 (or B1PE)

  5. Piano Yamaha B2 (or B2e)

  6. Piano Yamaha C3 (or C3 Conservatory, C3 Studio or C3X)

All official information on new pianos and keyboards on the official Yamaha website, as well as list of Certified Premium Distributors